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In 2016-17, Paddle For Hope aims to raise a total of $20,000. This will help fund the physical rehabilitation New Zealanders affected by cancer through the PaddleOn cancer rehabilitation program, provide breast cancer prevention education for young people through The WELLer Network, and help improve the health of our oceans with SeaCleaners.


Once you have entered your team in the Paddle For Hope @ City Surf relay you will be invited to start a fundraising page on Givealittle.  



One) – Register and create a profile

Follow this link to register on Givealittle: (use an email address that is not already registered on Givealittle, that you have access to and check regularly).

Follow this link to create your group profile: (once you have filled in all the profile details click ‘continue’).


The steps that are involved with creating your profile include:

- Choose a group profile. Click continue.

- Public name - Your group name.

- Choose a profile link/URL - This will appear as (your group name or variation if taken). Max. 40 characters.

- Image - upload a photo of your group.

- About your group - A quick description on who you are, what you do etc.

- Location - Choose appropriate location.

- Social media - Social media is an important part of promoting your Givealittle page include your social media links here.

- Name/phone number for you/the group member who owns the email address and is in charge of the Givealittle page.

- Remember to click 'continue', not save!

- The profile has now been created!


Two) – Go to the Event page

Once logged into your profile, follow this link to the Paddle For Hope @ City Surf Event page:


Three) – Green help fundraise button

Click the green 'help fundraise' button on the right side of the page.


Four) – Create your Fundraiser page

Proceed to create your fundraiser page. Once you have filled in all the page details click 'continue' (the 'save' button is not 100% reliable). The page has now been created!


The steps that are involved with creating your page include:

- Choose a page link/URL - This will appear as (your individual/group name or variation if taken). Max. 50 characters.

- Page title - Your individual/group name and/or the Event you are participating in. Max. 128 characters.

- Goal - $1000.

- End date - 10 March 2017.

- End time - 18:00 NZST (UTC +12:00).

- Region - Choose appropriate region.

- Brief pitch - Think of this as an 'elevator pitch'. Max. 140 characters.

- Detailed description - More details on you/your group, the event you are participating in, what you are fundraising for etc.

- Involvement - Leave this blank and your profile information will show here.

- Category - Event.

- Selected Tags - Teams, fun, BCAM.

- Keywords - Leave these blank, they will automatically populate from the other information you have already provided us.

- Social media - Social media is an important part of promoting your Givealittle page include your social media links here - website:

- Message for donors - This is a thank you message that is emailed to donors when they donate to your page.

- Image - upload a photo of you/your group. You can also include the video:

- Remember to click 'continue', not save!

- The page has now been created! The page will go through moderation (can take up to 24 hours) and you need to receive three independent donations (using three different email addresses and credit cards) to ensure your page goes live.


Other notes:

- Once the page has been created, you can edit the page by going to your page (via the direct link/URL) and click the 'Edit page' tab at the top right side of the page. You can edit the text and change the image.

- Please email the Givealittle helpdesk at if you have any issues creating your page.

- Share the link far and wide. Lets blow our fundraising targets out of the water and have some fun!"

Top Tips and Tools

Regularly communicate with your social network by providing updates on your efforts to keep them engaged. Remember to email your close network first because they are more likely to give you larger gifts (and encourage others to do so).

A newsletter or a blog is a good way to keep your friends, family and colleagues involved in what you are doing for Paddle for Hope.

Sections you can include:

•   Photos

•   Where I paddled this week

•   Current fundraising total and fundraising target and link to your Everyday Hero fundraising page

Remember:  you are not only fundraising, you are also spreading awareness about Paddle for Hope and cancer rehabilitation.

Forward to a friend!

Make the most of viral communication and ask supporters to forward your email and let others know about your efforts.


Send an SMS message to people asking them to donate either in cash or via the website - always refer to your direct web page on Givealittle.

Keep your Everyday Hero fundraising page updated

Update your page on a regular basis, this will allow your sponsors to see how you are going with your SUP training and fundraising. You can do this by changing your photo and editing your personal message on a weekly basis.

Email signature 

Add the link of your fundraising page to your email signature so others can learn about your Paddle for Hope challenge.


Mention your Paddle For Hope challenge on your Facebook account explaining that you are seeking sponsors - always refer to your direct web page on Paddle For Hope

What more can I do?

Local/Community Newspaper

Write to your local newspaper in the form of a press release: remember journalists like to take exerts, it is better to write in third person. Tell your story, why you wanted to get involved with Paddle for Hope and of course remember to include your fundraising page link so you can receive donations!

Create a Flyer 

You can use the same information as you have used for the email updates and simply print and stick them around your community

Email us and we'll give you an offical Paddle For Hope banner to use.

Donations instead of Gifts: 

If your birthday is coming up in or around Paddle for Hope just tell your friends/family members "no presents, please donate to Paddle for Hope" and add your fundraising page link.

Dollar Matching 

Go to your employer or HR manager in person and request that they dollar match what you raise. Why not offer to display their company logo on your fundraising page?


Put posters up around the office, letting people see what you are doing and let them know how they can support you during Paddle for Hope.

BBQ Fundraiser 

This is a great way for your employer to see how your actions contribute to your work team and would incline your workplace to show further support.

Work Newsletter 

Similar to writing to your local newspapers, write to those who run the newsletters for work.